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CCM Jetspeed FT5 INT Stick '22

Original price $219.99 - Original price $219.99
Original price
$219.99 - $219.99
Current price $219.99
The CCM JetSpeed FT5 Stick ushers in a new era of CCM sticks by introducing the elite Sigmatex carbon fiber at this second price point. Combined with the already incredibly popular and versatile hybrid kick point, the FT5 raises the bar for performance, feel and value for elite hockey players everywhere. 
Compared to the more traditional carbon fiber, Sigmatex helps optimize energy transfer which allows players to be more effective and efficient in their shots. This truly premium material is also more consistent and durable since it is so precisely made.

s mentioned before, the hybrid JetSpeed kick point is built for the player that needs a versatile stick that will excel in any scenario. This is exactly why the new RR-90 blade core was tailored specifically for the flex profile. The dampening layer makes sure it can catch hot passes on the fly but has enough pop to zip a shot past the goalie on a quick break. Just like the kick point, the blade feel is a blended middle ground of the stiff Tacks and the dampened RibCor lines.