CCM 370 Jr Glove

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The Jetspeed FT370 Hockey Gloves from CCM pack a lot of value into a mid-price point glove to offer the most bang for your buck. The FT370 gloves are designed for a player who is not looking for pro level features, but rather a quality pair of gloves in a popular fit that are comfortable and perform well.

The exterior construction on the Jetspeed FT370 hockey gloves is a pro quality mesh which is both light and durable, with a soft Nash palm for feel and embossed abrasion reinforcement in high wear areas to make that palm last longer. 

The fit on the Jetspeed FT370 gloves is a tapered fit with an open cuff. This fit has become increasingly more popular among today’s players due to a tight-fitting finger and backhand for control and a looser fitting cuff for more wrist mobility without sacrificing on protection. The laminated liner with PU cushion foam on the FT370 gloves provides a soft feel, while the pro flex thumb increases mobility for a better grip.