CCM Tacks 9040 Yth Skate

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  • Injected mesh boot for durability and structural stiffness
  • Injected outsole which provides solid energy transfer
  • SpeedBlade Pro runner and elevated holder for increased attack angle

The entry-level to recreational skate in the Tacks line, the 9040 skates offer protection, durability and comfort that new players are seeking.

The protection begins with the injected mesh throughout the quarter package, providing stiffness and durability to a sensitive area of the foot. It's lightweight, allowing players to move at their pace. The felt 5mm tongue adds comfort, but most importantly, protects a vulnerable area of the foot from shots or slashes.

Newer players want a skate that provides plenty of energy transfer, and the 9040's energy transfer profile within the outsole delivers just that. The injected fibers allow energy to push from heal to toe without resistance, allowing for a balanced and powerful motion.

A brushed micro fiber liner provides a high resistance to wear and the CCM Footbed supports your foot in a comfortable manner. Rounded out with a SpeedBlade Pro holder and runner that has a long life and increases your attack angle, the 9040 skates will feel like top-end quality to the new hockey player.