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CCM Tacks 9050 Jr Skates

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The CCM Tacks 9050 ice hockey skate is designed for the recreational skater, like the 9040, but with a few more features that make it better suited for individuals looking to get into the game of hockey. An upgraded, heavier tongue and thermo-moldable boot will provide the novice hockey player the right amount of performance as they figure out their stride, and the protection necessary to mix it up on the ice with confidence.

  • SpeedBlade Pro holder for pro-style, rigid performance
  • Injected, concave plastic outsole for stiffness and enhanced transfer of energy
  • Injected composite boot for stiff support and thermo-moldable customization
  • Upgraded 7mm tongue with center-injected foams for comfort and protection
  • Microfiber liner with thick foams for customized fit and comfort

The CCM Tacks 9050 ice hockey skate comes with SpeedBlade stainless steel runners in a SpeedBlade Pro holder. The runners are non-removable and the holder features a unique geometric design similar to CCM’s top-end blade holder, that harnesses the power of triangles and offers solid rigidity for enhanced energy transfer and power. The holder joins to a concave shaped injected plastic outsole with added stiffness, similar to the holder, for more support and transferred energy.

The injected composite boot in the Tacks 9050 provides much more stiffness and support through the rear than the 9040 model. The composite boot bakes better for a personalized fit, and the increased stiffness means players get more durable, long-lasting performance when learning their stride. The quarter package also features additional facing for an overall longer-lasting, more durable skate.

The Tacks 9050 tongue is an upgrade over the 9040, now a 7mm model with more thickness, and additional thick injected foams down the center for top-of-the-foot comfort and protection against stray pucks and slashes. It also does a nice job preventing lace bite.

The liner has thicker foams which promise a customized fit and feel after baking. The brushed microfiber liner has a soft feel for comfort and does a great job wicking moisture and sweat for a dry feel. The Tacks 9050, like all Tacks skates, is a medium-volume skate: its toe box, forefoot, and depth are best suited to players with average-sized feet.

The CCM Tacks 9050 skate boasts materials and boot features normally reserved for more expensive, higher-end skates. The upgraded specifications and overall better performance make these hockey skates a great choice for the recreational skater or the individual just getting into hockey.