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New for 2021, True has taken their already existing technologies in their popular XC5 stick and improved on them in every area. With a brand-new design and improved tech The True Catalyst 5X Intermediate Hockey Stick is a great stick for any competitive level player.

The colorway of the Catalyst 5X Hockey Stick is new for True this year. Featuring a new sleek black and yellow colorway, mixed with a honeycomb design throughout, the Catalyst is looking to give you a great design along with their trusted quality. Along with the new look the Catalyst 5X will have a soft gloss grip shaft with a matte blade. The shaft will be a square corner double concave shaft.

Starting with the kickpoint, the True Catalyst 5X Hockey Stick has an improved mid-flex. This allows maximum energy loading for effortless power and a stiff taper zone to maximize control.

For the construction of the new True Catalyst 5X Hockey Stick, True has engineered this stick for strength. Featuring PLD technology that optimizes 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber, the Catalyst 5X is designed with an advanced laminate construction to reduce overall stick weight without impacting durability. With optimized fiber angles, it provides both improved stiffness and impact strength over the XC5. Utilizing their Axenic technology, this is a true one-piece hockey stick resulting in superior control and feel of the puck. This entire package results in a stick that is a very lightweight 420 grams which is 70 grams lighter than the XC5.

Sticking with the Construction of the stick, The Catalyst 5X is using spread tow fabric which is 59% lighter than the fabric used in the XC5. This all-new high quality spread tow fabric encapsulates the shaft and blade, providing it with unmatched strength without sacrificing the weight.

With True’s new BAT technology, the Catalyst 5X is looking to give players unparalleled accuracy and control. Yielding greater blade consistency and vibration damping properties on impact, the BAT technology incorporates lightweight braided aramid sleeves from the heel to the toe of the blade for an overall softer feel with superior accuracy.

Along with the BAT tech, True is also using their new PASS technology. Performance Advanced Strengthening System used in the Catalyst 5X allows for a strong, less rigid blade that prevents premature foam break down which tends happen in the blade. It has a 25% increase in strength over the already historic XCORE technology.

When compared to the Catalyst 3X, the 5X will feature higher grade materials throughout the shaft and blade.

With huge improvements in the blade, an updated flex profile, and an overall increase in stick strength, the True Catalyst 5X is a great improvement over the previous models. If you are a competitive level hockey player looking for a lightweight but strong stick, check out the True Catalyst 5X Intermediate Hockey Stick.