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Warrior Covert QRE 40 SR Stick '20

Original price $99.99 - Original price $99.99
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At the mid-price level, the Warrior Covert QRE 40 still offers a lot of features found on the high-end sticks but at a lower price point, good for a player looking for a solid stick at an affordable price. 

Designed with the same Edge Taper construction as the QRE 10, the QRE 40 still holds that dynamic low kick power. The angular edge taper drives flex energy through the hosel, magnifying power and a quick release. The geometry of the shaft improves response, plays stronger and is more stable for the player. 

Minimus Carbon 500 makes up the construction material in the shaft. This carbon fiber is built to be lightweight and yet still providing strength. Allowing for this combination is the elasticity of the carbon, making this stick perform and excel in all aspects of your game. 

Adding to the performance of the QRE 40 is Shadow Feel, this element creates an extremely balanced stick, enhancing player feel and giving you more control and response. 

In the blade, much like the QR20 Pro, Warrior’s FuleCore construction offers a lightweight polymer blade that optimizes puck feel and provides pop for shooting. This composite layering is built around the core to increase strength and durability. FuleCore reduces the breakdown of materials in the blade. 

A tacky soft grip is applied to the shaft, locking your hands in place and decreasing slide while shooting. 

The Warrior Covert QRE 40 is a solid hockey stick priced for a player who desires some of the top end technologies but does not want to spend high-end prices.