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CCM Tacks AS580 JR Skate

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The highly anticipated update to CCM’s Tacks line is finally here. Engineered for the player who favours taking more powerful strides, the AS-580 is a mid-level power skate that offers more competitive performance for higher-level recreational or semi-competitive strong skaters. Materials and tech to make note of include the one-piece boot, RFM composite material, Powerflex tendon guard, and molded Ortholite footbed.

Skate Fit & Stiffness Profile
The Tacks line has been designed to fit closer and stiffer relative to other CCM lines. To provide the most support for powerful, lengthy strides, the skates bolster a 170 stiffness rating, which is about mid-level stiffness for this type of skate. This means the skate can both support strong strides while also being a bit easier to break in and flex, which is perfect for younger players.

The AS-580 Junior variation includes an ADPTSize Sizing insert, which young skaters would wear inside the boot that would change in shape as the child grows. This insert can achieve about two half-size increments below the skate’s actual boot size and can be adjusted to those increments (for example, with a size 3 skate, the ADPTSize insert can accommodate up to size 2).

Boot Construction
The one-piece boot is constructed with a premium-grade RFM composite blend. This is an NHL-grade boot construction that is both tough and lightweight to greatly enhance energy transfer and overall durability.

Liner & Internal Padding
CCM included memory foam ankle padding, a Seamless Comfort finish, and an HD microfibre liner into the AS-580 to keep the skates feeling close while eliminating as much potential discomfort as possible. The microfibre liner helps wick away moisture and odour and is highly resistant to wear and tear. It works well with the memory foam and finish to enhance both comfort and durability.

The AS-580 uses a replaceable asymmetrical 7mm tongue for solid coverage and comfort. The reinforced layers and toughened padding right at the center increase protection against both impact and lace bite, and the asymmetrical aspect adds more range of movement. The tongue is fully replaceable as well, meaning you would only need to change the tongue and not the entire boot if the tongue wears out.

The skate has been outfitted with an ultra-lightweight molded CCM Ortholite footbed. CCM integrated recycled EVA foam in the footbed to enhance cushioning while supporting efforts in sustainability through reusing material. The footbed has been additionally engineered for toughness and comfort to better support powerful strides.

Steel Runner, Holder & Blade Profile
CCM constructed the AS-580 with their Speedblade XS holder and blade lock system. This holder is ideal for keeping your blade locked in place while making it easier and more efficient to change the steel in a pinch. The skate comes with an XS Stainless steel runner, which is designed to retain its edge and performance for a long time between sharpenings.

On the Junior and Youth variations, CCM put a major emphasis on the overall look and colour customization to increase kids’ retention and enjoyment of the game while they skate. The resulting look keeps the text logos and cybernetic look on the sides in a mostly grey—rather than gold—colouration. Kids can then use coloured stickers specific to the skate to decorate the sides in whatever colour they want. The decals also include number customization.