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Free Shipping For Purchases $99 And Up. Sticks Excluded From Free Shipping

True Dynamic 9 Pro Helmet

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Introducing the TRUE Hockey Dynamic 9 Pro hockey helmet, featuring ultra-lightweight construction with MIPS Brain Protection System and a personalized fit. 

TRUE’s patented MIPS Brain Protection System utilizes a low friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head. MIPS is designed to not only protect the skull but the brain as well. 

MIPS is a Swedish brain protection company that has seen their world-renown brain protection system in bicycle, ski and motorcycle helmets. MIPS has taken their patented technology and partnered with TRUE Hockey to bring you a one of a kind hockey helmet. 

The ultra-lightweight construction of the helmet is made possible by a one-piece polypropylene (EPP) shell. TRUE has constructed the Dynamic 9 Pro to be the lightest helmet in its class without sacrificing any of the necessary protective elements.  

EPP Foam can be found inside the helmet helping to dampen blows to the head all while adding comfort. Speaking of comfort, TRUE has designed the Dynamic 9 Pro to have a truly personalized fit. The helmet comes standard with interchangeable side and rear occipital Fitpads. These Fitpads are available in three different thicknesses and allow for 360 degrees of adjustability and a truly personalized fit. This adjustable feature can make the helmet up to 5% larger or smaller according to the player's needs. 

The hockey helmet is arguably the most important piece of equipment in terms of safety. Experts state that concussions are mainly due to acceleration or deceleration of the brain. While helmets may not prevent concussions caused by these forces, they are crucial to limiting injuries of all kinds on the ice. Because of this, TRUE along with MIPS Brain Protection System will help keep you comfortable and protected while you play.